- a ground breaking world-wide creative classroom  - offering free training from some of the very best photographers and artists

Chromasia – dramatic photography and wonderful tutorials

Photomorphis – the vision of photographic art of texture master Doug Landreth and David Volkamer

Tony Kuyper -  a great photographer from Arizona.  Tony offers the best tutorials and photoshop actions for Luminance Masking.  This is a very powerful technique for Photoshop, and the actions automate the creation of masks which greatly speeds up the process.

Vision and Voice , and Within the Frame - both by David DuChemin, a journey of photography vision –  new and interviews from highly innovative photographer, Chase Jarvis

David DuChemin –  highly useful books and ebooks.  I have found real value from books that comment on images such as   ”Within the Frame” .

Oregon Fine Art Printing - Dave Ohlsen is an award winning photographer and master printer of fine art images.

RSA Animates – Animated presentations of fascinating topics, such as their videos on creativity, innovation, collaboration.   On this video,  Steve Johnson discusses creativity as the collision of small hunches. 

The Power of Now –  Eckhart Tolle’s profound teachings about Being fully in the present moment.

The Toa of Photography - seeing beyond seeing,  by Phillip Gross

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