photographers and artists

Brooke Shaden – I became aware of her amazing work and workshop via CreativeLive, Brooke’s images are rich in color, texture and mystery.  I find them very inspiring and beautiful. She also breathes new life into the square format.

Chris Dahlquist – Elegant landscapes printed on gold-painted metal that express  subtle luminous quality.

Michael Levin – exquisite black and white minimalist images.

Stacey G. Lloyd - Fine art photography.  Based in Forrest Grove, OR.  Be sure to check out his beautiful work with color in his “Floral Fusions”

David Nightingale - Fine art and commercial photography.  He offers great tutorials on for creating dramatic images.

Chase Jarvis – Commercial photographer and director, and the  inspiration behind, a true visionary, co-creator, and powerful driving force in photography and visual arts. Based in Seattle

Marilyn Affolter - Landscapes and fine art photography.  Based in Amity, OR. Her images have been  featured in the Smithsonian.

Doug Landreth - Fine art and commercial photography. Co-founder of Photomorphis.  Based in Seattle, Doug is a master of  textures.




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